Believe it or not, we actually took a couple days off of our vacation because we needed a vacation from the vacation. It sounds crazy, but it takes a lot of planning to make this life work; researching, pre-planning, touring, living and blogging grinds on a person after a while. The weather turned for our last few days in Austin area so we kind of took advantage of laying low!

But our last full day was action packed and started at the State Capitol Building. Being from Canada, this doesn’t seem like a very exciting thing, when you compare it to say…. Alberta parliament buildings. But WOW this was a knock it outta the park tour of a very cool building.

Texas State Capitol Bldg

I love an extravagant door!

At one time this was the Texas State Bank

Grandiose staircases

While at the Capital, we learned that they only use the building during the odd years and during the even years, the government works with their constituents to determine what they need to discuss in the odd years. This is why we were able to walk freely through the building and see all the amazing rooms and chambers. We do not claim to know a thing about anything government in Texas, so we might be wrong in our video verbage, but we sounded good! Shoutout to my seeester Carley the Library Manager – we tried our best to get “into” the library, but this was the best we could do! Check out the time we ended up in Supreme court: Supreme court

Our next stop was to the Barton Springs Pool – although it was too cold to swim outside, we wanted to go check this out because it was an outdoor swimming pool that is filled entirely with water from nearby natural springs and the pool itself is 3 acres. The temp of the water was about 68-70 F, which was warmer than we thought. And in true Texas fashion, its free to swim here from Oct-Feb.

Barton Springs Pool

A quick stop to the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue on the Lady Bird Lake where apparently, he used to do a lot of concerts – it was cool!

Our last touring pitstop of the day was to the Cathedral of Junk! We weren’t able to go inside since we tried to call and make an appointment but didn’t get a hold of them. This was very interesting……( Visiting the Cathedral of Junk )

Yep, that’s his backyard

We built up quite an appetite so of course it was time for BBQ!!!! Ensure you add this place to your stop when coming to the Austin area: Round Rock – Salt Lick BBQ

Aside from this amazing life we live, we are still keeping in touch with the crazy world outside our bubble including the Canadian and US convoys, the Russia/Ukraine invasion, covid mandates etc. It’s exhausting / frustrating keeping up with it, listening to both CA and US newscasts but interesting at the same time, the perceptions of the media in each country is definately different.

We are done with city life for a while….looking forward to going back to the beaches and more boondocking in and around the Corpus Christie area.