I have been completely uninspired over the last 4 months to post about anything or talk about what’s going on in the world between covid, and brown / black / all lives matter. Everyone has their opinion, but it doesn’t mean that your opinion is right, including mine, but its mine. Since this is our platform I will tell you. We spent the first couple of weeks back from Baja, hunkering down at the family land. When you hunker down on 40 acres, you are oblivious to Covid and everything else in the world (since the wifi royally sucks and you can’t read about it anyway!) It wasn’t even 2 weeks and we already had enough of people telling us what we could and couldn’t do, and being judged for our decisions, that we said F$&* it. We weren’t putting life on hold for covid – we are already middle age and every minute of our time here on earth is valuable. So we started our bubbles and inviting small groups into the bubble. We figured if we had somewhat controlled bubbles, we can still have a life to see people and go places and do things. And we made it so. It turned out that many of our friends and family were more than happy to bubble with us, spend time out of the city so they could breath fresh air, walk around without needing to worry about masks and 6 feet.

We didn’t willy-nilly all the covid recommendations; of course our vehicles were stocked up with sanitizer spray, wipes and masks and used them when they were necessary (gas stations, grocery stores, etc).

Us, Dad and Ginny out for a visit







Our summers are darn short in Alberta. Last year we got snow in Sept, and it finally left the first week of May. So that doesn’t leave very much time for sunshine and warmth. If we get a chance to move somewhere we tend to boondock, and the easiest place for us to get too for a weekend, is only 30 minutes from home. So we spent two separate long weekends there with our bubbles, that were really frothy and bubbly…


Homeschooling class – Chopping wood

Frothy, big bubble camping family.

Here’s a video of us pulling out at the end of May long weekend – typical Alberta weather. Stuck in the mud





When the curve was still pretty flat, we decided to go ahead with our first bubble friends on a holiday that we had planned for almost a year, to the Sunshine Coast (of BC, not Australia!) and Vancouver Island. Although we were reading about Alberta car tires being slashed and nasty notes being left on windshields trying to scare the tourists to go home, we didn’t care about what the media wanted to blow out of proportion and we went anyway and maintained our 4 person bubble. If you have never been to the Sunshine Coast, we highly recommend adding it to your bucket list! So many trees, and hikes and coastline and harbours and inlets and fresh seafood….it was all so amazing! We also had one of the best Airbnb locations we have ever had, check out our private boat dock.

It was exactly 150 steps from the door to the dock. It took a bit of planning ahead, mostly to make sure you had enough drinks

We also learned that we could buy shrimp off the docks in Pender Harbour. The first time we bought them, they were ready to cook, but the second time they needed a bit of work…this is the video: deheading shrimp

5 minutes before my phone flew into the water and i have no more pictures…

Beachcomber fans, enjoy!

You may be wondering, hey did you bring Ruby to the Sunshine coast and the Island? uhhhh, no. It was a scouting tour for our friends on where they want to retire and for us on where we can fit Ruby and whether or not it is even logical for us to take her there. In the end, we found some good places to squat for the future, but our friends found so many new places that they would want to retire, that they can’t decide now! And for the record, everyone we talked too on our trip didn’t give a crap that we were from Alberta – they loved our tourist dollars!



Summer did finally decided to show up in Alberta the last couple weeks of July, so we drove 40 minutes to Ghost Dam and camped for the weekend where we boated and swam and had a co-mingling of frothy bubble families again.

Probably not the best vehicle to launch a boat, but it was all we had!

Cross mingling of family bubbles. The red-headed middle sisters.











And then we moved the bus to BC, where i could work remotely, because i can!

My office, in BC. Campsite #13


So now its September already and summer is pretty much over. Temp in BC was 32C and we came home to 12C. We should have just stayed…..

I have personally checked out of all covid updates for pretty much the entire summer, don’t care about the numbers. But just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I won’t follow public recommendations. We have had MANY conversations over the past few months that you never know what is going to happen tomorrow or when life takes a turn in the right or wrong direction or just throws you an outright curve ball. We were all born to die, its inevitable and no one makes it out alive, whether is covid or not. We were sadly reminded in July just how quickly those (non-covid) curveballs happen, with the sudden passing our our brother-in-law Brent.

We miss you Bwent

Who knows where we will be over the next 4-6 days, weeks or months, probably not on many fun adventures or fabulous locations, BUT we will continue to live our best life and I will do my best to keep you posted.