We were excited to hang out here for a while, we had heard great things about Los Barriles and that there was lots to see and do (snorkel, kayak, kite boarding, bike ride, hiking, ec). Of course, we had to dump and fill – we did this at Baja Sunrise RV resort where they also had kayaks for free to use, while staying there. We had been talking for a few weeks about a water toy and we’re throwing around the kayak idea – so this was perfect timing for us to try it out. Turns out, we liked it, so Todd found a used Kayak in Cabo, that we are going to look at/buy on Wednesday. A water toy is essential for Baja, just as essential as a 4 WD vehicle! We toured south of town for most of the afternoon in the car to find a place that we could boondock Ruby for at least 5 days. In our travels, we found a new style of speed bump (Tope), check these bitches out:

Yet another type of speed bump. Sometimes these circles are the same size, sometimes one set is 1-2″ taller.

Before we left our pitstop at the Baja Sunrise RV park, the vegetable/seafood guy showed up! Yey, we bought fresh squeeze OG for our Tequila sunrises, a pound of scallops and tamales for the road!.

What we determined is that this area requires a better 4 WD camper style vehicles since there are SO MANY soft sand beaches and camping areas (near Cabo Pulmo, Los Arioles and Pescadaro in the north). So we found a camp ground on the north end (Playa Norte – www.playanortervpark.com) and talked to the guy and he said we could dry camp for $12 US / night for 7 days. Its not boondocking, but it is cheap and does mean we can finally put our outdoor stuff out – like picnic table, chairs, etc. Most places we have to keep everything locked up at night, so we don’t bother taking it out. We were looking forward to staying put for a week!

New location for 7 days in a row!

While getting settled in, we met a family of 5 next to us from Calgary! They pulled their 3 girls out of school for the year and are travelling all through Mexico – they were on month 1 and loving every minute of it – what an amazing adventure for them all! Took a quick bike ride through the town to assess our new homestead and then went for a drive in the car, north of Los barriles to see what was in store – we heard there was snorkeling options up here.





Beautiful view of Los Barriles!


Turns out, there is a hidden snorkel gem just north – we will be back later in the week with our new kayak and snorkels!





Another driving video – cause you never know what you’re going to see along the way! Driving Again

Here are a few things we thought about this week:

  • Mexico, including Baja continues to have a bad rap by the media. Its really too bad that the media has perceived it to be so dangerous. Baja had an incident about 3 years ago, but the government stepped in (with the Navy), cleaned up the mess and carried on. But unfortunately, the media in US and Canada keeps harping on that. (Although for us crazy RV’ers, its great, cause there are less tourists to deal with!)
  • The Mexican people we have encountered here, so far, are very kind – every time we pass a local in the car, there is always a wave out the window – if we pass a local walking in the street, they say Buenas Dias and give us a smile – we’ve seen many locals helping out the tourists in all way – they pick up every hitch-hiker who needs a ride and they are glad that tourism is back to help them have jobs and make a living. Why can’t we all (US and Canada) be more kind to people?
  • There is a job for everything and we have to have our tips ready for: gas pumper, grocery bag packer and Costco cart pusher
  • So far the most unique entrepreneurs we’ve seen are these two: Kitchen supply guy on the sidewalk in Loreto (where we bought a strainer for kitchen sink), and the “anything for a buck truck” (I forgot to take a picture!) this guy had everything but the kitchen sink in the back of his truck for sale!
  • This whole boondocking and RV’ing thing through Baja attracts a certain type of people – down to earth, simple living, active type and everyone’s on the same page of living life and experiencing life – not working for the “man” – this has been a great sharing experience and getting to know people, who think the same way as we do, find out where they were/where they came from  and how they got to be here.
  • It is so impossible to remember every detail of the uniqueness of every day – so many little things happen that we see or do and then think Damn! where was the camera?!
  • Cacti – there are 1400 species world wide and 669 of them are in Mexico
  • We can’t find any information on why this place is called the barrels