Left Cerritos / Todos Santos area and headed towards La Paz – which was the main hub for refilling empty propane (with butane – 2 – 30 lb cylinders filled for $31), diesel for the bus and big grocery purchase, so we could boondock again for a week or so. It was sad to leave the beach, which is the most southern point that we will be for a while. Once all our household tasks were done, we carried on towards Ciudad Constitucion. The area, in general, is huge in agricultural which is amazing to see in the desert. There were many orange orchards, fields of corn, asparagus and cabbage. Food Safety Jill is pretty certain that all the ag fields she saw, were following some sort of food safety program, excellent!

According to the new map we got of Baja, it seemed like there were a few jewels we needed to see, just west, along the coast. A few marina’s, and there were 2 of the 7 “wonders of the commondu” in this area. Sounds great, lets go! Arrived at San Carlos and it was a bit of a let down. I honestly have nothing to report about this town = the big thing, is that it was a port city, and offloaded diesel for their Super smogy power plants. Where is Greta, why isn’t she reporting on this place. Our second stop was Adolfo Lopez Mateos – here is the driving video to get there: driving constitucion

The best thing about this place was the whale watching boat tours. However, we didn’t do the tour, because we have heard from everyone that we have to do the whale watching at Gurrero Negro. So we watched a shitload of tourists loading in to homemade boats, heading out to the whales (although, while watching the tourists, we saw a whale right in the bay). We even managed to find a sardine canning plant, right beside the whale watching tour boat centre. Other than that, the entire trip entirely uneventful. (Bummer)

When scouting the area for RV squatting, there were not a lot of choices and we ended up at 206 RVpark – this has been, by far, our WORST RV park on this trip – it’s a shitty gravel pad, with nothing to offer, we were the only RV’ers here and the guy running it was a F@$%^#g asshole. We checked the IOverlander App, and this seemed to be the consensus of all previous visitors – but there weren’t a lot of options, the only other place we were going to stop at, didn’t come up on google maps. Anyway, we survived, and left early on day 2. Heading to Bahia de Concepcion and hanging out on beaches for the next 8-ish days. Can’t WAIT!