We didn’t go far, just 70 km’s north of Cabo. We are now on the Pacific side of the peninsula, and since we made it to and out of Cabo, that means we are technically heading back north. This does not make me happy, I would rather stay south.

Todos Santos

As we departed out of Cabo, google maps wanted us to take the toll road north. (Note to self, NEVER trust the google in Mexico, EVER!) This entire trip, we have heard from fellow travelers that the “roads in the south Baja are much wider” and since we had been in the south for 3 weeks, we had yet to see these much wider roads, that is until we opted for the toll road out of Cabo. This was basically a normal Canadian single lane highway. The worse part about it was understanding how the tolls system worked. There were 2 lanes, both with large green arrows, so we took the one on the left. But when we arrived at the very narrow booth, it was empty. We were confused and thought we picked the wrong lane. Todd gets out with a handful of money and walks back to this electronic thingy, and it says, “take receipt” in small print. So we do and the gate arm goes up so we can pass through. We took the receipt and away we went. 33 km later, we got to the end of the road, where this time there was actually a person that took the receipt, asked us a bunch of questions and then charged us $8 US for Ruby and $2.5 for Cindy. This was not an easy task though – apparently the cost is based on axles (we finally figured out), and she originally charged us only for Ruby, as she couldn’t see Cindy in the back. We actually had to walk back to the booth, and pay for Cindy. How very confusing and Mexican!

Another 40 mins later, we arrived at Todos Santos (All Saints), a surfing town. Heard some great things about this area of Baja and were excited to see everything! We unhooked Cindy, so we could go find a place to boondock, which turned out to be Playa Cerritos, about 10 mins south of town. Oh wow, this place is amazing, right on the Beach! on golden pond and golden pond take 2


I’m not sure how, in all our travels, we always seem to find beaches that go on forever and have hardly any people. AND, since we are on the west coast, its all about sunsets, instead of sunrises now!

Boondocking at Cerritos

West coast sunsets are beautiful!







We plan to be here for at least a week. On the second day, the weather was going to be the hottest, so we planned for an all-day beach day. Todd was really adamant that he surfed, so he rented a surf board, and well you can see him in all his glory here: Todd Surfing

For future reference, In the event anyone would want to come down and meet us for a week in Baja, this would be THE location to rent an AirBNB or hotel at the beach as well.

Todos Santos is very artsy fartsy – which isn’t totally our jam, but we still participated and went through the shops selling ceramic (everything), blanket shops, shoe stores, linen clothing and even a couple of galleries. Its also a place for foodies (which we did enjoy a few times) and a haven for whale watching! After we dropped off our laundry, we drove over to Plays la Cachora – and were thoroughly enthralled by the whales – about 100 feet off the shore, just playing or eating or hanging out. IT WAS SO COOL!! Check this video out – we were about 80 feet off the beach – Whales

Over the past 6 1/2 weeks, we’ve learned alot about travelling in Mexico, travelling with each other, travelling in another country, etc. As much as we are excited for adventures and swimming in the ocean every chance we get – we still need downtime (and a detox day). This week gave us some downtime to just hang, although is challenging when you only have 220 sq feet. But we make it work, as long as we have wifi and a beach and plenty of potable water. And then, out of nowhere, Nick and Meg (from New York) show up and say Hey Guys, come for Happy hour at Shaka’s! Who are we to say No, and off we went to be social again….