This transient life we live, sometimes allows us to leave our Ruby behind – lock her up and wave goodbye, while we get on a plane for adventures that don’t involve driving. I had a United airline flight credit for $1200 from before covid lockdown and it kept getting extended…for 2.5 years….until I got a notice from United in January saying if didn’t use my credit by Jun 30, it was lost! I’m NOT losing a credit this big! Eeek how can we book a fly trip, when we are spending 3.5 months in Texas, getting home in mid-April? This seemed like a bit of a conundrum. After a day or two, we realized that we could go to Maui – where summer was guaranteed to be there, I could still work, we could have a bit of adventure, maybe bring some family and / or friends with us….well all of a sudden it didn’t seem like a conundrum! So we booked it and after 6 very wet, cold weeks back in Alberta, we were Maui bound!

With Todd’s mum in tow, we headed west in search of sun and sand! Aloha Maui!

Everything is perfectly perfect in the oasis of Kihei!.

I can sum up our time there pretty easy:

  • Morning beach walk
  • Breakfast
  • Snorkel
  • Chill out
  • Lunch
  • Activity
  • Pool
  • Sunset
  • BBQ
  • Repeat

Morning beach walk

Sunsets on Kamaole Beach 1

This never gets old

Waiting at the bus stop for the sunset to arrive!



Routines seem pretty boring and repetitive I know, but these are some of the activities we did:

Iao Needle and Iao Valley


Drive to Hookipa to see turtles

Hookipa overlook

Not all rocks, mostly turtles on the beach

When you look “right” off the Hookipa cliff


Makamakaole Stream hike: (39) Bamboo forest – YouTube

Here was the:


Makawao to eat a Polli’s Mexican

Todds favorite chimichanga!

We dropped Todd’s mum at the airport on day 9 and picked up our friends on day 10. They hung out with us for 2 weeks and were pretty much did the exact same routine (aside from a few days that the ladies had to work 😖 ) and these were the rest of the activities we did.

Olivine Pools – no photo’s of this, since camera’s and water don’t mix!

Golf x 2

Maui Nui back 9

Muni course


Pupu’s in Lahaina, Gannons, Three’s or Maui Brewing

And that’s what we did!

There may also have been a few jellyfish stings too, and by the end of the trip, at least one of us was dressed like this:







and after 26 days… was time to leave… Mahalo Maui!

Maui never disappoints