The temperature is cooling down here in western Canada, but as long as we don’t have snow, adventures are still being planned in our hood. We’ve discussed a few times with our friends about taking the buses downtown Calgary on a weekend, going for cocktails and caviar and overnighting on the street. Last weekend was the best time to do that, since the temperatures were more than acceptable during the day and still above freezing at night. Always in convoy, we travelled from NE Calgary, through downtown and ended up on 10 Ave, where we found a long enough spot for all of us to fit.

Perfect spot, somewhere on 10 Ave SW for 2 buses and an RV Van.

Two buses and a van








We had to study the parking signs for a few minutes to make sure we were good to go, but we figured even if they gave us a parking ticket, its still cheaper than an RV spot somewhere else that we would have to take a taxi or Uber too anyway.

Looks like Friday night at 7 pm is the perfect time for not getting a ticket or towed. Good luck on towing us!

The good thing about taking your house with you, is that you have a full bar onboard. So with a few snacks consumed, a to-go cup and our vax passports in hand we headed to Blondies for a few hours of entertainment. You can google that place.

For our second night on the town, we headed to the Casino for a concert. When was the last concert we went too? When was the last Casino we went too? So excited to be social in social settings with real life events again! This casino trip was a few weeks in the making, since we had to buy tickets ahead of time for the concert.

Of course, we wanted to maximize our rent at the casino parking lot ($21/night) and we arrived around 12:30 to set up and get our day of appetizers started! On the menu we had loaded potato skins, nachos, chili, dry ribs, scallops and a couple of cucumbers to even out the food groups! A few day drinks thrown in there, some shots for warmth, casino coins, a to-go cup, vax passports and we were ready to go!

All in all, a super fun night seeing 54-40 – I was flashing back to first year university. If you ever get the chance to see them in concert, I highly recommend it. No shortage of talented musicians, great story tellers, non-stop dancing and feeling like you are twenty again. Check out a video of them here: 54-40







Ended up with a campfire in the parking lot reliving the night and chatting with some new friends.

We still have a few more ideas up our sleeve before the snow flies and temperatures plummet, so stay tuned!