It was definitely surreal when we moved into Ruby on May 11. We had been discussing, organizing, purging, working, buying last minute items, cleaning, renovating and everything in between, for 20 months, in preparation for this life changing event. Now here we were and were we exhausted!

The best way to test out all the new systems and renovations was to take her off grid for a week and see what happens. But first, we had to pull ruby out of the muddy rut she was in.

She doesn’t look real deep, but she would not budge!


We had to line up 5 pickup trucks to pull her out!

Liner up boys!                                                      

Redneck tow truck

Before we could go off the grip, she needed fuel. Todd thought it would be the best time for me to give it a try driving.

Not terrified at all!

We ventured out to Burnt Timber ( and met some friends for the annual camping event.

Ruby was a trooper, we had no issues, damage, breakdowns or other crisis’, YEY!