After 2 months at the family land, we determined that the land was located in a horrible weather vortex! If it was going to rain anywhere, its at the land. If its going to snow anywhere, is at the land. Honestly I think it truly has its own weather system out there. At least 4 feet of snow had fallen in the 6 weeks we were there, and if you drove 2 km’s in any direction from the land, there was no snow or rain or anything. So we threw in the towel, and headed back to the city.

The fourth quarter of the year is always my busiest (Jill). And most of the time can hardly keep my head above water. I travel for a living, so adding an extra hour drive each way, whether it be a driving trip or a flying trip, was not making my work life any less stressful. So, we had chatted earlier in the year with our fellow bus friends, and they were pretty convincing that we needed to move into their driveway, and squat for a while. So that is where we have been for the last week, is in a driveway in NE Calgary. Surprisingly, we are semi hidden…..

Can you see us now?

Todd’s been busy doing a bit more interior touch ups and helping our friends with some of their projects, like this one!

1947 MCI

Isn’t this a funky bus! Apparently it was sitting for 40 years in a rural farm field. Originally it was a Brewster bus in Banff, possibly part of the Rocky Mountaineer bus line (it can be faintly seen through the paint) Whoever owned it many years ago, was an actual bus driver, who needed a way to transport his horses to and from shows and a camper to sleep in when they were at horse shows. This bus was adapted (extended and underneath luggage compartments removed/lowered) for horses to travel inside of it. The back end of the bus was their camper.

The world is their oyster on what they are going to do with it.