We departed the Houseboat, Todd cracked a rib and we did a quick grocery top-up in Sicamous. We drove east, towards Revelstoke, across a ferry towards our vacation location #4 (an undisclosed lake in BC). This place is top secret, if you recognize it, good for you. If you don’t then I can’t tell you…sorry! Its too good of a location to tell the world, we don’t want it to get too full/busy. But here is a lovely look at where we perched for 5 days.

Camping right on the beach!

Ended up with a surprise visit the next day from some friends who happen to come to the beach for the afternoon. Good thing they had a truck, so we could launch the boat in the lake and take them for a 3 hour tour. Here is the end of that tour: 3 hour tour (rumble.com)

Thanks for the visit Mitch and Michelle!

Todd in the wilderness. This is 3 feet into the forest from the boat.

The last night we were there, a family from Holland pulled in. Although it wasn’t super hot, the kids (Robyn and Fynn) still had a great time in the lake, and they wanted Todd to start them a fire so they could roast marshmallows. We had a great visit learning about their family travels through the US. We were presented with an awesome drawing from Robyn the next morning and the kids wanted to come with us!

Ruby and Robyn at the campfire

Fynn and Robyn – ready to come with us!

We left a day early, since there was rain in the forecast and in hindsight, it was a good idea to leave some extra time. A short wait for the ferry back to the real world – here is Ruby boarding the ferry: Ferry Boarding (rumble.com)  We ended up stopping at the tire shop in Revvie for air to fill one of the tag tires. We are never speedy when driving and it was summer, so traffic was pretty heavy. We got as far as our new favourite town of Golden, BC and thought it was a good place to overnight. There wasn’t any room at the campsite, so we boondocked near the airport and walked to town for supper. Here’s a tour to our boondock location: Golden boondocking (rumble.com)

This location gave us plenty of time to get to Invermere (vacation location #5), get groceries and find a parking spot for Ruby. Todd is really good at finding an industrial type area and asking any company if we can park in their back lot – we usually offer to pay for this. Just so happened the person he went to ask, told us that “no one ever uses the road across the street, just park it there” she said. So we did. It was walking distance to the house we rented. This was the fourth year that we rented the same house, in the Timber Ridge community. We love the area, close access to a private beach and all amenities really. The next 5 days were spent hanging out and eating and some time at the beach and on the boat. We missed having all the young adults this year, but here’s a few photo’s of that short week: invermere photos (rumble.com)

And just like that our 4 week venture came to an end. But it was a very short turnaround back at the cabin before we took off again for the weekend out to Ghost Lake. We usually go to this very close summer fun location a few times per summer, but the boat blew up last summer so its been over a year since we were there! Invited a few friends and it was HOT! perfect summer lake weather! Loading up for fun (rumble.com) No shortage of a great summer weekend.

I’m pretty sure we still have summer fun – part 3 and possibly part 4 in the works….stay tuned!