No shortage of hot, dry weather, which is unusual, especially for Alberta. Not complaining, it allowed us to continuously be outside and live our outdoor lifestyle that we so much enjoy! But fall is just around the corner and the daytime temperatures have already changed, so that is why we have to shove our summer into 2 short months.

For the last 9 years or so, we have an annual family gathering (on Jill’s side) at interior BC area, usually East kootenay region for boating and summer fun. Last November we booked an Air BNB, not knowing if we would be able to use it or go to BC, but luckily for us, most of the restrictions lifted on July 1 and we were all pretty excited about going to the lake and meeting up in person again! Highlites of that trip always include boating and swimming and this year a few mastered they hydro foil!

Devon mastering the foil

EmmaJo on the foil, crushing it!








No shortage of family games, good food, fun and plenty of drinks to go around.

Tallest to shortest

Tile Rummy is one of our faves!

Golfing at Copperpoint.

















We also had a family gathering (on Todd’s side) in mid-July at the cabin to celebrate the life of our brother-in-law, who passed away suddenly last summer. It was a great time of celebration, drinks, games and food once again!

New game – hammerschlaggen


Spent a weekend in Red Deer at the end of July with the sissies. We of course brought the boat and spent the afternoon enjoying the sun and water and food with them.

Bevvies and bobbing

I guess I should have called this post “boating, bobbing, eating and drinking”.

We usually spend 2 weeks in BC in August and this year was no different. This year, we rented a community hall. instead of going to an RV or campground. Todd was thinking outside the box last fall, as again, we has no idea what the covid issues were going to be for summer of 2021. So he approached a few places in small town BC to see if we could have a “family reunion” at the community hall. We were lucky enough to get one in Jaffrey, BC. This town doesn’t have a lot to offer other than its location to multiple lakes and fairly close to golfing and hiking. But before we got to Jaffrey, we spent the August long weekend back at Ghost lake and then convoyed down highway 22 to Lundbreck Falls in Crowsnest Pass. Highly recommend Lundbreck falls if you have never been!

Convoy out of Ghost lake!

Our brief stop in the Crowsnest Pass left me feeling like I want to go back and explore all the other history in that region, there is lots to see and do from mine tours, old museums, collieries and the Frank Slide, there is never a dull moment.

Lundreck falls

The water was about 72F that day, and you could swim and shower, it was awesome!

Our campspot, right on the river.









A short overnight squat in the Fernie area and then we arrived at Jaffrey. It was a solid 9 days of hot, smokey weather, thank goodness for this overhang patio area.


We had alot of items on the agenda of FUN for this trip and aside from the regular boating, floating and beaching, here is a list of all the other things we had planned:

– bocce ball
– ladder ball
– disc golf
– real golf
– tie dying something
– tile rummy / card games / crib
– full size jenga
– drink out of something that is not a cup
– disco party
– Yukaflux
– indoor movie theater night
– slip ‘n slide
– cliff jumping
Here are some of the photo highlights:

boys being boys at disco party

A few more costumes

Wow. Just, wow.

Getting into disco

Drink out of anything but a cup

Chefing up some bang bang shrimp!

Beautiful sunset in the smokey mountains!

Ended up needing a vacation from the vacation! But all in all a fantastic time!

September is right around the corner and that will mean back to work for us until Dec. Not alot of excitement planned between now and Christmas, but we are hoping to head to Texas for the winter – barring we can drive across the border…..