For the past 30 + years, Todd has gone out boondock camping in the bush near the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains with a large group of friends and family. This group has morphed over time to many members of all ages, different friend and family groups that come and go and come back again! In all that time, Todd has only missed this event one time (2014 when we went to Australia). If we are wintering anywhere that is warmer, he is adamant that we are back in Alberta for this event! The chances of the weather cooperating for this specific weekend is slim to none – most times we are guaranteed to have all 4 seasons over the course of the long weekend and this year did not disappoint! Sun, sleet, snow, rain, sun repeat. For at least the last 12 years, we have gone out early in the week to pick the camp spot. Since we have had Ruby, we are way more careful about where this camp spot is, to ensure the ground is hard enough to “get the busses out”. This is our 4th year in this specific location along the creek. Todd and I setup on the Monday before the long weekend to ensure we ‘get’ the spot.

May long weekend 2022 Burnt Timber

Playing Bones – the last time we played was in Port Aransas, they were covered in sand.

We also wanted to try out our Starlink Satellite – we needed to make sure I could work remotely from this location and secondly – it’s the Stanley cup playoffs and we need the livestream the hockey game! Worked like a charm!

Projector TV – live streaming the playoffs

Drink sizes at the Burnt Timer Sportsplex – Stanley Cup fans!

Burnt Timber Sports Plex – proper attire, and more drink sizes

Hockey playoff snacks at Burnt Timber SportsPlex

Cheering for the wrong team! (traitors)

This area is known for grazing wild horses and this year we also got to see 3 baby foals. Sadly though, by Friday, the mare of one foal kicked the baby out of the herd. The park rangers were notified, and they sent out a wild horse animal rescue team to go save her. From what we have heard, she is safe and sound! ( Another Heart Warming Story – The Wild Horses of Alberta Society )

Glamping with wild horses

Along with Ruby, she has 2 other friends that join us – Big Bus and Jolene.

Aerial view

Front to back: Big Bus, Ruby, Jolene

Aside from large drinks, snacks and hockey there is always a fire going, people touring around on their side by sides, ATV’s or dirt bikes, jillaxin’ or game playing. Some of us go on picnic’s down to the river….

Wearing appropriate “picnic outfits” while driving out for the picnic along the river.

Time to play Bones!

Nighttime always involves a VERY large bonfire and at least one night of fireworks, including roman candles fights; where two people (with eye protection) start back-to-back, walk 8-10 steps away from each other, then turn around and light the roman candle firework and aim it at their opponent! No one gets injured, its mostly just super funny! Check out the video of Max and Wade here: Roman Candle Fights – YouTube

By Monday afternoon, everyone is gone, the busses pull out and it was like we were never there – see you all next year!