Anytime you plan a trip, it seems like it takes forever to get to your departure date, but the trip goes by in the blink, and all of a sudden its over. It took us a year to plan for this 13 week adventure, how are we already at 9 weeks on the road already! How is that even possible?

We left Guerroro Negro and headed to Bahia de Los Angeles – which is 66 km east off Mex 1, and the last stop for us on the Sea of Cortez. About 20 minutes into this drive, which we started around 12:30 pm (after our whale watching tour), we got mad at ourselves for leaving so late in the day! Anywhere in Baja, the wind picks up around 11:30 and in this case, driving through a valley in the middle of Baja was no different. We estimate that the wind was at least 100km per hour, and we were driving straight into it! I’m sure you will not be surprise when I tell you that something started flying and banging on the roof and we pulled over at our first chance (which was about 2 km down the road). Todd was convinced we lost 2 solar panels, but as I looked at that dam awning, the top metal cover seemed to be flapping loose and that didn’t look normal. The main awning has been our nemesis from day 1! Last summer, Todd put special hooks on both sides so it wouldn’t fly out like a sail, and although it didn’t fly out like a sail, he still had to climb on top of the roof and secure three spots with extra zip ties. Only another 110 km to go, until our destination!

When we got to Bahia de Los Angeles, we found Les and Wendy at the side of the road, waiting for us, to let us know that Ruby wouldn’t make it down to the campsite we were going to go too (La Gringa). There was no cell service here, so this was the best way for them to let us know! Luckily they hadn’t been waiting long, and they had beer! We ended up at Archelon for three days, enjoying our last hot beach! Had a great time with them and their friends Wendy and Brent.

As we continue to move northerly, towards Ensanada, we got as far as San Quintin when we decided it was time for a rest. We made our way to Fidels Palapa RV park, that was right on the beach, with the Pacific Ocean about 50 feet in front of us! It was rough, but we persevered! We were the only ones there on night 1. It was definitely a lot colder on this side of the peninsula (18C daytime and 8C nighttime).

On the beach, Ruby hanging out back there.

Beach goes on and on and on….











We took a drive on the beach, because we could: driving on the beach

This area is all agricultural – a lot of ranches and greenhouses for miles and miles. This was the tomato and strawberry capital of Mexico. Food Safety Jill was impressed – it looked like all the big producers were following some sort of food safety programs!




We toured around for a few day trips – we ventured down to La Lobera. This was 5 km trek off the main road and took us to this cool hole in the rock – check this video out: La Lobera

The steps down to the hole and the wheelchair route on the right! I can’t imagine wheelchairing down that, how very Mexican!

On the way out, we saw a rattlesnake!! I think it was about 3 feet long. This is him live: Sammy the snake

This is a real rattlesnake. Set to attack mode, because OF COURSE Todd was egging him on!