It’s been a while; I haven’t been on top of things like I should be. But we have been travelling around, living our best life! We were more than happy to have spent at least 5 ½ weeks in the Osoyoos area. On our way back to Alberta, every mountain range that we drove through, demonstrated that spring/summer was another 7-10 days behind. We left Osoyoos and all trees and orchards were in full bloom, summer had arrived. We ended up for the night in Creston, squatting downtown at the free RV parking lot. The trees in Creston had just started to turn green. Then stayed in Moyie Lake area at the provincial site for about 4 days. The trees in Moyie were barely even budded and summer seemed so far away! The provincial campsite was pretty awesome though! They had only just opened the day before we got there, and we had our choice of so many sites.

Moyie Lake Provincial park






We had never spent any time in this area, mostly just driving through so we made the most of it and toured around the area checking out Tie Lake, Jaffrey, Cranbrook and Koocanusa. This area has so much to offer for outdoor activities, due to covid, many things were closed, but whatev’s. After 4 days, we moved slightly down the road to Canal flats / Invermere area. Was able to squat off the logging road just outside of Canal Flats – this area is one of our favourite jem’s in East Kootenay.

Logging road near Canal Flats








Before we came back to the family land south of Sundre, we had discussed our summer travel plans and how we needed to make the most of the summer – since covid stole so much time from us last year. This year we decided that we were NOT going to stay at the family land on weekends and we were going to explore Alberta and all the special / cool jems that she had to offer. Our first weekend back was the May long weekend out on crown land Burnt timber. We caught up with Crystal, Tonk and Brett that we met in the same location 2 years ago. Deanne and I finally got our golf cart working, so we were able to travel around the campsite on a whim, in our fancy hats and shoes! Of course some activities included dirt biking, major injuries, campfires the size of Texas and Roman candle fights – here is the dark but funny video of that: Roman Candle fights.

PPE for roman candle fights

Momma’s golf cart – Betty Lou











Since then, we have travelled to:

  • Swallwell, AB (Swallwell Dam) – enjoyed the peace and quiet, was in awe of the sunsets, played margarita infused bocce that lasted for 3 hours, floated on a pink flamingo party barge and connected with a dirt bike buddy and his partner for crazy campfires!

Swallwell Dam sunset

Pinky Tuscadero – party barge

















  • Wayne, AB (Last Chance Saloon) – Donovan camping weekend where we camped in a wide open field cause the owner was convinced we couldn’t “get that in” to the actual campground, ate the best poutine, saw the hoo-doos, road the Bleriot Ferry, danced on tables with tambourines, sat with dinosaurs, toured old schools and churches, ate ice cream, cross 11 bridges and ran into  #vanwives (whom we met in BAJA on Tecolote beach!).

Wide open field by Last Chance Saloon


Donovan camping clan.

How had i never been to the hoo-doos before?





  • Ghost Lake, AB (Ghost Dam) – for a very important 70th birthday, then came back the next weekend for Canada Day celebrations! Watching fireworks, boating, floating, game playing, hot dog roasts in the inlet, towing boats and flamingo’s to safety.

Happy Birthday Linda!








Water skiing with new friends.

Two broken boats in our crew! and a flamingo

3 boats, 17 people and 2 dogs











So far, summer has been awesome, can’t wait for our next adventure!