Our last stop in Baja was Ensanada. From some RV’ers, its their first stop, since its so close to the Us border. As part of our adventure, we wanted to travel the entire Baja, and as hard as it was to come over to the colder west / pacific ocean side, we knew we had to see it all, so we were well informed of the Baja. With that, we can definitely say that if was fucking cold the first couple days we were here! Apparently you do get acclimatized to warm weather and when it his 14C daytime and 8 C at night, you put on 2 quilts at nite and hunker down!

We picked Campos 7 RV park (from IOverlander), just south of Ensanada, on a cliff peninsula! So, what we’ve determined while we’ve been here is that all camping is cheap. Whether its boondocking for free, OR supporting the community by pulling up to a pay site for $10, $12 or $14 US per nite, which allows us to stay in mostly dry (no water, no electric, no sewer) camping spots that have some sort of minimal security. Its not like we are nervous about safety, but it is nice when you have a gate. Whether or not the gate actually works is a separate conversation!

Sunset Ruby

Ensanada is a port city, about 140 km from the border and is “safer” than the border city, like Tijuana. We had a few things we wanted to do here, like refresh our cell phone, some groceries for border crossing, dentistry and general touristing! Our first tour took us to the famous geyser in Buffadora (which was <5 minutes from our campsite) and to this most annoying mexican craziass fleamarket. Let me tell you, I will not miss “senor, how about fish taco for you and your senorita”! Here was the touristy video you need to watch: Real Geyser

Crazy Mexican Flea Market

The first day we were here rained. Apparently Ensanada has had more rain than usual this winter. And when rain happens, the potholes are crazy, rain water runs like rivers down the roads/highways and pools of water form on all major roads. We, of course, didn’t know this and went downtown anyway, which was entertaining! Again, Cindy the Civic was a trooper. We randomly parked next to a dental office and got an appointment for cleaning and checkup later that day, with Dr. Kharen. Turns out, with 2 cleanings, checkups and a filling for Todd, it only cost us $200. Toured down at the Malecon, it was soggy, but still entertaining!

Day two we toured our immediate area, where the scenery was amazing! And this was directly above our campsite area: Ensanada in her glory

This lovely camp spot made us realize how much we still like grassy campsites. As much as I love sand camping, it gets everywhere in your house and having grass campsite gives you a bit of a reprieve. We loved this little place.

We went back downtown with our bicycles, which we admit now, was not a good idea. Never ride a bike in Baja – its always a dangerous idea (unless you are in Los Barriles or La Paz where there are designated bike paths). But we did make it to Hussongs Cantina – they claim were the first bar to create the margarita. Whether or not this is true, honestly we didn’t care because they were AMAZING! And the history in this bar was so cool (opening in 1894). Also, we had eaten dinner on NYE in Vegas at Hussongs and has no idea that this was the second location of the original in Ensanada! So that is kinda full circle. But this is the amazing video of 10 seconds at this lovely bar: Hussongs Cantina

We decided to refresh our cell phone til the end of time, because its only $35 a month for 13 GB and unlimited call and text in North America. And TelCel was pretty easy to navigate this. We have decided to keep this number in Canada (since its $65 a month cheaper than Telus gives us!).

We also had to stop for a snack on the way home, at the spit/donair taco place. Good lord, these taco’s are so amazing!!! For 2 taco’s it was $1.57 and we had 4. These were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. end of story.

Donair taco goodness.

And then we had to pitstop at an irish pub for another margarita!






Finally got home, and had another tequila!