I’ve mentioned a few times, how much a 4WD vehicle is needed in Baja. We certainly don’t have one, but Cindy the Civic is getting her workout down here. We are basically treating her like a truck and so far, she’s been amazing! Pretty sure the struts are almost gone, her hood clasp doesn’t work, her trunk was randomly flying open, the windshield is pitted, cracked in 4 places and has rock chips, she has her backend strapped to help hold the bike rack on and now we put an inflatable kayak on her roof! Cindy is a trooper; doesn’t she look great?!

Cindy the civic looking stellar!


Every time we head out on an adventure, we forget something – sometimes it’s the wallet, or water, or snacks, or water, or the wallet – today we forgot my hoodie! Ugh, when will we remember everything?! The adventure was back to the hidden snorkel gem – north of Los Barriles. Its only about 10 km from where we are but it takes us 30 minutes to drive there due to crazy 4WD / sand roads. There are some cool houses along this road – so colorful!

Such colorful houses.

The last km is definitely the most challenging – but check out this view!

Amazing View!






Where we snorkeled.







There is even a statue of Mary, in case you need to have a prayer or offer her money or flowers.

Mary – embedded in to the rock








We kayaked a bit, but we got there later in the day so the swells were a bit freaky (for Jill). And we were able to snorkel and saw some cool blue fish with bright blue polka dots. It was awesome. The tide was receding as we were there, and as the rocks became exposed, a few tide pools formed – this was beautiful. Check out the video – Snorkel Gem

There were a few people that came by in their side by sides. A lot of people drive on the beach, although some beaches do have signs posted – you can see that people follow the rules here!

We found out that there is a big Pickleball “resort” in Los Barriles and it came highly recommended as an activity. I begrudgingly put socks and runners on for this even (it was a tough one!) Neither of us had a clue what we were doing, but we played with Tennis rules, which we later found out was wrong, but regardless we thought it was pretty fun! Wifey beat husby 2/3 games!

Pickleball fever!